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News > These are the kitchen design trends to watch out for in 2019

19 November 2018

Natural grains, stone and bolder colour choices will all star in kitchens next year.

It's the heart of any home - especially now that it's where many of us congregate not only to eat but also to catch up and socialise - which is why choosing the right kitchen style is so important.

So what's on the menu for kitchen trends in 2019?

Industrial style is very much in vogue and still will be next year.

One of our most popular finishes is concrete, as it offers a cool, grey colour palette along with a textured finish. We're going to pair this with steel doors in our new collection next year.

The contrast of light and dark is still a classic combination in interior design. A new colour for 2019 is olive grey, a mixed green and grey hue, which combines well with hardwood finishes. Veined worktops - quartz, composite and Corian, which is non-porous and stain-resistant - are leading the field in popularity.

There's also a real trend for concealment, where a run of fitted cupboards can mask machines and utility areas and allow the area to be an uncluttered zone, perfect for entertaining.

Here are three more winning recipes for gourmet kitchen style...

Make it bold, open and interesting...

Greys and darker blue shades are still a very popular choice when planning the colour scheme for a more modern-looking kitchen and work brilliantly, especially when combined with a clean, contemporary work surface,

That being said, we've also seen a rise in homeowners who want a bolder focal point in their design. Choosing to apply a more vibrant colour to their kitchen, whether a brightly coloured island, accessories such as stools or appliances, or painted cabinetry, is a fantastic way to make a statement.

Interesting textures are a growing trend and this can be achieved with work surfaces in sandblasted timber, polished concrete, or even with an unpolished natural stone slab,

Open-plan is still by far the most popular choice for layout, as people want to blend or extend the kitchen into the main living space, so it's a social area during everyday family use and an entertaining zone when needed.

DESIGN TIP: Kitchens are the perfect area for experimenting with colour. When deciding on a shade for cabinetry, consider your space first. Bolder, darker colours work particularly well in large, well-lit areas, while vibrant shades for accessories, such as lighting and kitchen gadgets, can be sufficient to lift a more enclosed space.

Max out on materials

Maximalism no longer excludes the kitchen when redecorating the home, and increasingly people are looking for a kitchen that has impact.

Contrasting materials and bold shades have a strong presence in contemporary kitchen design. A kitchen island is the perfect place to be brave with a colour or finish and to embellish with luxury materials.

We'll see a trend in kitchens gravitating towards more natural colours, textures and materials, such as bronze, burnt brass and timber. Next year, colours will begin to warm and soften, and contrasting patterns and textures will be more prevalent, reflecting a contemporary twist on classic design.

DESIGN TIP: Shimmer and sheen are all that's needed for a luxe look. Metal finishes, such as bronze, steel and copper, are making their mark on everything from furniture and tiles to accessories, and can also soften the look of an edgier industrial style space.

Shine a light

A lighter colour palette works well in most kitchens, because a variety of surfaces and textures reflect light and brighten it, giving the illusion of more space.

A blend of two, three at most, complementary light shades creates a calm and sophisticated space. Our colours, pale green Sage, subtle Old Rose and taupe Driftwood, work well individually or combined.

Generally, islands are an essential ingredient in a kitchen because they act as a sociable hub and provide a perfect place for preparation. We can configure ours in a variety of ways, so they can include a sink, hob, an integrated fridge or chopping board cabinet, or be used purely for storage.

Seating's always desirable and, where possible, we'll also include a wine rack, so it's the ideal spot to unwind and relax with friends.

DESIGN TIP: While whitewashed woods are in tune with the enduringly fashionable Scandi style, there's a growing trend for showcasing the grain of different woods, which brings drama and character to a scheme. Exposed timber can add warmth to a pale scheme, contrast well with smooth surfaces, and is a natural balance for painted cabinetry.


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