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10 January 2019

We have been asked many times to make comments on the amazing offers available in large kitchen and bedroom outlets. We are in our 45th Year in 2019 so are very lucky to have been able to plough through many markets trends and recessions, gathering data and knowledge along the way. We also work closely with information our clients provide us with. After all YOU are the guys out there shopping.

A kitchen, bedroom or bathroom specialist will generally not get involved with offering clients any kind of funding for their new project.

There is only a fairly small market for lenders offering the kind of funding that WE need.

And the cost to each business (however big you are) can be quite large. No one can "genuinely" afford to lend you money and not make a profit!! Business is business after all and banks and building societies are just that.

We advise clients who are attracted to these "low rate" or even 0% offers, to always look at the value of the actual project initially, then ask for any funding figures to use one of these offers once the "package" has been finalised. This will avoid any "hidden" costs being applied.

You will have to fill out a finance agreement form and sign it in store so why not log into your computer in the comfort of your own home with a specialist money lender and select a suitable way of borrowing the funds for your project?

Or even pop into your local bank (some of us have been with the same bank for Years so why not) and get "specialist" advice on the "money" part. We know that you can obtain "home improvement" loans for 5 Years from as little as 3.4%.

This way you will know exactly what you are paying for your project. You have spent the time on every detail of the project and not just been attracted to "all this for £250 a month", You will also know exactly what interest is being charged for the finance package you have been advised is best for you long or short term. From a specialist.

You may even want to borrow a little more than you need to get those all important finishing touches to your room. If you spend a little more of your valuable time going through your project as advised above, you may well actually end up paying LESS for it all and getting a much higher product specification, fitted by a more specialist source, giving you much more personalisation and after sales service.

Many "buy now pay later" or "nothing to pay for 6 months" schemes have a small window to pay off the loan. If you miss it you may well end up on finance packages paying upto 30%, so read the small print before you sign away.

We hope the above advice is valuable to you and we wish you a happy New Year for 2019.

We look forward to welcoming new clients and starting your "journey" after all we are now in a "fashion" industry and there is now much more to go through when you are buying a new kitchen or bedroom, so take as much time as you can to make sure you get it right.


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